Introducing an electrifying force in the Indian music scene - we are the pulsating heartbeat of Bollywood Fusion Rap Rock! Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like never before with our dynamic and genre-defying rock band based in India.

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Immerse yourself in the fusion of Bollywood beats and the unbridled energy of rock like never before. Our music is a spellbinding blend of cultural rhythms and rebellious melodies, creating a unique sonic adventure that defies genres. Step into the world of Bollywood Fusion, where tradition meets the rebellious spirit of rock, and the stage pulsates with a rhythmic revolution.


Plunge into the soul-stirring universe of Alternative Rock with our band. We carve a sonic landscape that stretches boundaries, intertwining potent melodies with evocative lyrics. Join us on a musical odyssey where every note resonates with raw emotion and a rebellious spirit that defines our sound.


Embark on an auditory odyssey with our Progressive Rock ensemble. We intricately weave melodies and explore unconventional rhythms, crafting a musical experience that transcends the ordinary. Join us as we venture into vast realms of sound, pushing the boundaries of creativity with every note.


Immerse yourself in the dynamic fusion of Bollywood and Rock with our vibrant sound. We harmonize the rhythmic beats of Bollywood with the raw energy of Rock, crafting a musical journey that's as eclectic as it is exhilarating. Join us in reshaping the soundscape with the heart-pounding resonance of Bollywood Rock.


Embark on a soulful journey with our Sufi Rock vibrations. We fuse the spiritual essence of Sufi melodies with the raw power of Rock, creating a harmonious blend that speaks to the heart and rocks the soul. Join us in a musical exploration where spirituality and energy collide, giving rise to an unforgettable experience.


Step into the rhythmic revolution of Fusion Rap Rock with our dynamic sound. We blend the raw energy of rock with the lyrical prowess of rap, creating a genre-defying experience that pushes boundaries. Join us on a sonic adventure where diverse influences converge, setting the stage for an electrifying musical journey.


Experience the pure essence of our music with our Unplugged sessions. Stripped down and intimate, we bring you an acoustic showcase, laying bare the soulful melodies and raw emotions that define our sound. Join us in this unplugged journey, where every note resonates with authenticity and unfiltered passion.


Dive into the powerhouse of sound with our Hard Rock resonance. We amplify raw intensity, delivering thunderous riffs and electrifying beats that define the essence of our music. Join us in a sonic assault that pushes the boundaries of sonic power and musical adrenaline. Welcome to the relentless energy of Hard Rock.


Embark on a genre-blurring adventure with our Pop Rap Rock fusion. We weave catchy pop melodies, rhythmic rap verses, and the energetic punch of rock to create a dynamic and infectious sound. Join us on this musical journey where diverse elements converge, delivering a fresh and vibrant sonic experience.

About Rudraksha Band

Formed in 2014, Rudraksha Fusion Rap Rock Band is a trailblazer in Bollywood, Sufi, and fusion rap rock. Their unique blend of blues, rock, and rap, featuring a talented vocalist, has earned them acclaim. Known for dynamic performances, they dominate the international music scene, with electrifying shows in India and overseas, making them one of India’s most popular bands.


“Rudraksha, Fusion Band started in 1999. Rudraksha, Fusion Band, conceptualizes Live Music and blends with Irish Music, Folk Music, Hindustani, Pop, Rock and many more genres. Rudraksha, Fusion Band, has been associated with many eminent Music Artists, Good to give our Contract had done show successfully.”

Mr. Rupendu ChakrobortyReserve Bank of India

“Rudraksha Band was not only the first to do continuous constructive work in Fusion but had decided - success or failure - they will stick to their genre. Hence many believe and consider Rudraksha Band to be the pioneers in fusion Band.”

Mr. SuchintoWeb Info Technology

“Rudraksha Band is a Fusion band formed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India in 1999. The group is considered one of the pioneering Fusion acts in
Kolkata's Fusion music scene.”

Major. SrikantIndian Army


We are a Bollywood Fusion Rap-Rock Band from Kolkata, India.



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